Château d’Ussé

The site was first established in the 11th century by the Norman Gueldin de Saumur high above the Loire river to protect the region. The current chateau was constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries and later modified in the 17th century to the give the elegant castle which is now the home of the Duke of Blacas and his family who lovingly preside over this enchanting place.

The chateau and gardens are at their best when viewed from above

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The castle interior is French Renaissance is design and furnishings and set out to give a real feel of 16th century life at the Chateau.  It also has links to the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty and the story is played out in the towers of the chateau with great effect.  Part of the tour passes through the parapet walk way which links the top of the towers to give the inside view of the defenses.