The Château du Plessis-Bourré is a dramatic fortified château with extensive moats and drawbridges. It was completed in 1473 after only 5 years of construction and is unchanged since. The chateau was built by Jean Bourré on the Windy Plessis estate which he purchased while Finance Minster to King Louis XI. He was the main confident of the king, and his most faithful servant, a role which he  kept until 1495 throughout the reigns of three kings of France.  He was also captain of the castles at Langeais and Angers

Château du Plessis-Bourré

Viewed from above the extensive moat and surrounding parkland provide the perfect setting.

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The chateau illustrates the transition that was occurring between deeply defensive castles such as the 9th century Château d’Angers and the 16th century French Renaissance artistic style.  Plessis-Bourré has significant defense systems with a double drawbridges, large moats and parapet walk which are contrasted by the elegance of the interior with the stately courtyard, the arcade gallery, the large rooms lit by high mullioned windows, its rich decorations and the comfort of the interiors.