Built on the foundations of a medieval fortress, the Château de Serrant is a Renaissance château which was constructed in two stages.  The Brie family, owners since the 14th century, had plans drawn up to convert the site into a grand Renaissance château.  Work started in the early 16th century but only the north tower and the great staircase were complete before they ran out of funds.  In 1636 the castle was purchased by Guillaume de Bautru, a State Councillor, and having reviewed the orginal plans, restarted the construction that had been halted a century earlier. Using the same plans and building material, russet schist and white tuffeau stone, he ensured continuity of design.

Chateau de Serrant

The deep water filled moat dates back to the medieval fortress

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The chateau passed to the Trémoïlle family in 1830 and remains their private residence and family home. Visitors have access to 15 rooms which include the Empire Room, with furniture and objets d’art recalling the arrival of Napoleon I and Josephine de Beauharnais at Château de Serrant, the library with 12,000 books, the bedroom of the Duchess and her dressing room, the height of sophistication of the Belle Epoque.  Additionally, there is an extensive English park which was laid out in 1820 to explore.