Project Description


Built on the site of a medieval fort, the current chateau dates back to the 14th century but with additions in the 15th and 16th centuries to give the current property. Since the middle of the 19th century the chateau has belonged to the Motte Saint Pierre family who have continued the centuries old tradition of hunting from the chateau.  Today, this includes 30 rooms dedicated to the history and traditions of hunting through the centuries.  Hunting was the reason why many of the kings of France spent time in the Loire region and this is one of the few museums dedicated to the topic.

Viewed from above the surrounding parkland provide the perfect setting.

The chateau is still the home of the Motte Saint Pierre family but a number of rooms are open to the public including the dining room and private apartments including the Kings room, a room kept ready for a royal visit.

From the castle, you can see the outline of the French Garden planned by Marquis de Tristan in 1773 and started in 1786.  Unfortunately, work was interrupted by the French revolution and never completed,  the outline was renovated in 2006 to show the original design.