Construction of the current Château de la Guerche was started in 1454 by André de Villequier and completed between 1495 and 1505 by his son Arthus. During the wars of religion in the late 16th century, the castle was stormed and looted by the royal troops. Later, around 1650, Caesar d’Aumont, governor of Touraine, rebuilt the southeast wing and improved the visual appearance of the castle.

In 1735 the Marquis Voyer d’Argenson, Minister of War for Louis XV, acquired the castle which was used mainly as a hunting lodge. Under the Terror, the roofs and the top floor of the castle are demolished.

The Château de la Guerche seems to be moving towards a rapid ruin when Raoul de Crouy and Victorine d’Argenson, his wife, settle there in 1829. They carry out important rescue work, such as the restoration of roofs, and development work (decoration “troubadour” salons on the ground floor) and the planting of an English park, which give the castle its current appearance.

The Château is open to the public between 17th of June and 16th of September every day except Sunday morning from 10h to 14h and from 14h to 19h with regular guided tours.