The Château du Gizeux is is built on the site of a wooden Medieval Castle.  The tower gatehouse and the right wing are the oldest parts of the current property dating back to 1334.  In addition there are the elements of a fortified wall around much of the chateau.  The main building is French Renaissance in style with a U shaped construction with unequal towers in the inner corners.

The chateau is set in extensive forests on the northern side of the Loire.

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The chateau belonged to the family of the poet Joachim du Bellay from 1315 to 1660 and towards the end of this period Princess Marie d’Yvetot then wife of Martin du Bellay had much of the interior painted by Italian artists with the aim of elevating the property.   The Gallery François I st which illustrates many of the Loire Valley chateau and the many murals tell the history of this period and are well worth seeing.  They are currently being restored which is an interesting process in itself.