The following sections tell you how to make the best use of this guide which has been optimised for multiple device formats and makes extensive use of Google Maps to provide location information and related services.


Links are shown as highlighted text – Home Page –  and most pictures are also links to the respective gallery page if clicked.

Using a Smartphone:

All pages are optimised for smart phones but the quick guide is particularity mobile friendly.  The maps are best used in landscape and/or full screen mode with the custom Google Map slightly easier to use on a small screen.  When using the maps, use one finger to move the page and two fingers to navigate the maps.

Desktop and Tablets:

Larger screen devices such as tablets and desktop computers are best when using the maps which can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of every page and from the top menu.  Again full screen mode makes for easier navigation on maps.  When using the maps on a tablet, use one finger to move the page and two fingers to navigate the maps.

Google Maps integration:

The Loire Valley Guide website can be used in many ways to explore the region and to build a personalised Google Map of your selected locations.  To use this feature, first log into Google in your browser or app, then use the Location link to access the same location in your Google Maps environment from where you can Save any location to create your own custom guide.

From any of the maps in the Guide, you can access all of the extensive capabilities of Google Maps which include saving your own locations, adding labels and getting directions.  By using Google Maps, you also create a timeline of your trip.  To access these capabilities, login to your Google account before opening the location specific maps on the Gallery pages.  Then, use the extended menu to save the location, find nearby locations, send to your phone and share with others.  You can also explore “Your places” and “Your timeline” from the menu logo.